Sunday, August 13, 2017

This is my new BEE class! I read Patricia Palacco's book Thank You, Mr. Faulker and pretended to dump honey on it. We talked about how hard bees work and that the buzz is the sound of their wings moving so many times per minute. We learned that if we didn't have bees, Albert Einstein said we would not be able to survive after four years. Bees are the only insect that make food for us. Mr. Staheli, our principal calls us the Busy Bees. My favorite addition is the hive shaped glass jar. The parents are helping me fill it with |Worthers candy all wrappped in gold. Trust me it is beautiful! The little bench was 15.00 from facebook garage sale! I made the cushion and it is OK as long as you don't look too closely! Sewing is not one of my talents! I love my kids and I am really looking forward to spending the year with them.

These books are our leadership binders.
This hive is part of our outside bulletin board.

Word posters are a little orange, but oh well! Almost everything you see is on my new bee file on tpt. I hope someone else gets to use all my hard work!

This hive hangs out of the ceiling and over our classroom library.

This is our awesome candy jar now filled with beautiful gold wrapped Worthers!

The little autistic boy in my class gets to turn these lights on and off with a remote. He loves it.

I covered the ugly green carpet wall with cheap nylon material from Walmart. I just love Walmart! While I was there one of the managers gave me a gift card for $15.00 worth of crayons.


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