Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Egyptian Art

The last day of school I turn our room into an Egyptian tomb by tipping over the tables and putting black paper over the top. It reminds me of making couch tents when I was little! I pin pictures of Egyptian treasures to the walls and put black paper over the windows so that it is dark. I take all of the rejected pots my boys have made over the years and set them on the floor by my smart board. I set out all kinds of treasure such as fake coins, necklaces from the dollar store. The finishing touch is to sprinkle gold glitter all over everything. (I vacuum when it is over so that the custodian will still like me!) Tomorrow morning the kids show up to school with flash lights. I put a paper plate Egyptian collar around their necks and let them crawl through the tomb one at a time. They end up by my smart board. I will post pictures tomorrow. Once they all go through the tomb, I teach them about how Howard Carter found King Tut's tomb. We have already done the art and learned Egyptian hieroglyphics. We wrote their names. I bring a treasure chest and the parents send treasure. Last year one little boy said it was the best day of his life! My friend Mikell does it with me and we were laughing about how it is all so thrown together, yet they LOVE it!

This is Olivia, isn't she a doll?
Truman loves art. They all do really.

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