Monday, January 21, 2013

Cause and Effect

Buddy Reading

Drawing Conclusions

Farm Art

We drew the horizon line and then the trees and barn. Then we added a sun. We divided the fields up and then drew designs in them. I did it on small squares, that way the kids don't get tired of coloring. We put this ugly gray paper that our school has a ton of under our art so that we don't make a mess and so that we will color to the edges. Fun!

Snowman Art

I got this idea off pinterest. We drew the squares and then the snowman.

Reread Anchor Chart

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Linking Verbs Anchor Chart

Christmas Art

 We painted the background with water colors. Then I handed out  various size triangles. The kids used yellow crayon to draw a line down the middle and then Vs to make the branches. Then we water colored them using either red, orange, and yellow, or green, purple, and blue. After that, we glued them onto the background. Next,  we used a mix of glue and white tempera paint to make the snow. We added tree trunks with brown or black crayon. The finishing touch was to have them laminated onto a construction paper background. We used them for calendars for our mother's Christmas presents.

Touch Point Money Freebie on TPT