Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Halloween Literacy Pack

 This page is to use on a bulletin board. The kids draw the cvc word and then the cvce word and attach a wand in the corner made from a star and a straw
Magic E cards: You fold them so the magic e is not showing and then wave the wand and chant the chant!

 This is the prewrite and publishing page for what the kids are going to be for Halloween.

Words for the word bank to help kids spell:
This is part of lettering for a bulletin board that says:
Moonlight, spiders, broken glass,
This house is haunted!
Let's get out of here fast!

 How to draw a haunted house, and a witch. I am going to have the kids draw themselves in the foreground in their costumes.

Cards for a Magic E game that is like crazy eights.

A recording sheet for kids to write the cvc word and then the cvce word it changes into.

A worksheet for the kids to write the new word and draw a small picture.


  1. Hello Groovy Grandma...
    I love your ideas that you have shown but I am unable to find a way to print the ideas. What should I do to become successful? Can't wait to use this with my students!!

  2. Thank you for sharing, it makes the world a better place. We will be busy today. Warm wishes from us here in Spain.

  3. Gerri, do you have this on Teachers Pay Teachers?