Thursday, April 5, 2012

 These are our rain forest pictures. We started by reading The Great Kapok Tree. Then I modeled on the Elmo how to draw a trunk of a tree, talking about how you can see the roots. We talked about how your imagination will finish images that go off the page. These images are not cropped. Then I passed out photographs of rain forest plants and animals. The kids drew a few animals. Then I told them to fill in the trunk with some designs that reminded them of the rain forest. We sharpied (black permanent marker) them and erased any pencil lines. Then we colored them making sure we colored to the edge of the page. I hand out a 'desk protector' which is a big piece of poster paper that they can get messy and it sure makes clean up easy. It also makes it so the sharpie doesn't get on our tables. I was so proud of my class! Every single child did a great job and hung in there! 

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