Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3 D Shape Matrix

These are the headings and side labels. For the entire matrix go to Teachers Pay Teachers and look under 3D Matrix Second Grade.

Classroom Tour

 These drawers are for the kids math books, journal, crayons, squiggly book, etc.
 This is our classroom library.

 Word Posters 
 Math Games: Think Fun
 Writing Supplies and Reading Posters for Reading Groups
 This is a class mural we made for the Treasures Unit 4 - Working Together (We have the Eiffel Tower, the White House, a hospital, restaurants, and even the St. George Temple! We couldn't fit in The Leaning Tower of Pisa! There are plants, vehicles, police, dogs, airplanes, helicopters, flags and every budding young artist in my class!
 These are our cubbies for our backpacks and notes home.
 (An Eagle Scout Project)

 These drawers contain everything we need for the Daily Five
 More Word Posters
 This is our reread/Poetry center where you see the hangers. The bulletin board is the phonics cards from treasures

 Treasures Focus Wall

 White Board

Table Good-fit Book Bags
 My desk, I have to admit I moved some junk off it for the photo!
 We are growing daily! If I don't quit eating the Reader's Cafe leftover candy bars I will be growing. I had to put them in a friend's class because I couldn't trust myself! Chocolate is one of my food groups!
 Hall Bulletin Board
 Hall Data Board
 We just got two i-pads! 

Our Writing Bullitin Board in the Hall after a workshop by Brad Wilcox