Friday, April 11, 2014

Changing to First - New My Math Word Wall

My principal has asked me to switch to first grade next year so I am starting early getting a few things ready. I taught first grade for 19 years and have really loved teaching second. But I am ready for a change and will enjoy that first grade enthusiasm for learning to read! This word wall is on my tpt store.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Weekend News

This is part of my second half of the year centers. It is on TPT as Common Core Mega Pack 2. We made the cover out of Newspapers that we laminated and then clipped together. The kids really enjoy sharing it.

Science with Kong - Gravity

This is Kong, our science parent volunteer. The kids cheer when he comes to visit. He bikes to our school with his little girl Morgan on his back. She is as good as gold and it helps if we feed her smartie candies. Today's lesson was on gravity. He dropped two things, one heavy, and one light. The kids learned that gravity pulls things at the same speed.  He is very good at questioning and so now we have a chart that is for questions we want him to answer.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pass the Dibels or Bust!

Out of my 19 kiddos, 3 were in the red and 5 yellow. Two kids went from red to green. The five that are in the yellow are right on the edge of passing. So I am going to do more rereads, retells, fluency timings, fifth graders reading with my kiddos, and last but not least we are going to read twice a week to the preschool kids. Here are some pictures of them reading today:

Water Cycle and Clouds Anchor Charts.

We had Kong come in again and teach us about the water cycle and different types of clouds. He had them draw some clouds and then talked about what makes a cloud...water vapor! My kiddos are starting to say big words like precipitation, evaporation, and condensation.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Science with Kong...

We have a parent volunteer in second grade who is fabulous! He is getting is doctorate in biology and loves to teach our kiddos science! First he asked them what they knew about rocks. They said that rocks are made from heat and pressure. Then he asked them what pressure was. They couldn't give him a very good answer, so he demonstrated! He had 12 kids on the table when he did it in my class. This is a picture of him in my friend's class. He kept asking the kids, "Am I a rock yet?" Then he asked them if they could stand there for a couple of hundred years! They really got the concept of PRESSURE!
 The next thing he taught them was about erosion. He gave each table a mason jar with sandstone in it. We have plenty of that in Southern Utah!!! The kids shook the jar and it got really muddy. They wrote in science journals and we made a class book. They begged him to come back. He was great.